My Calendar

myCalendar version 3.3 has been released with loads of new features! Now you can finally look at your calendars anywhere in the world in a snazzy new look. HuellaSoftON has been redesigned and is now a FREE feature with every purchased version of myCalendar.

An astounding 60% of men forget their anniversaries! Happen to you before? Try out myCalendar today and forget about forgetting things!

Easy. It’s an easy to use calendar that helps you keep track of important dates, whether they occur tomorrow or next year. myCalendar will remind you before they happen so you don’t forget anything. Also, with HuellaSoft’s ON service, you can send your calendars to your online account so you can access it anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Pretty cool eh?

Keep your computer and privacy secure…
HuellaSoft Lockdown is the easiest way to keep your private documents and information secure if you personal computer or laptop is ever stolen or lost.

HuellaSoft Support
If you have any problems with one of our programs, please contact support. Online, we have many documents to help solve your problems, but we would love to help you if those don’t work.

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